DRAGON MACHINERY – Mobile and stationary Crushing and screening plant, production of the Pioneers

Our country’s mining, construction, industrial plant and machinery is a leading organization in the production of the Dragon Machine began operations in 1979. Dragon group of companies, in the form of activities, actions and production of the DRAGON Machinery co., Ltd , marketing and sales activities with overseas agency services again DRAGON Machinery co., Ltd. carried out by.Dragon of the standard production program, construction, road and mining machinery sectors, and includes facilities.The dragon the production program, all of his own design, and the following titles are shown in hundreds of types of machine are

* Mobile jaw Crusher and Mobile Screening Washing plants, Manufacturing

Contemporary technological developments, TSE and ISO 9001 norms machine our organization is engaged in the production of dynamic, experienced, expert technical staff and modern, large machine park.Dragon ‘s gained confidence in the quality of products and provide after-sales service continuously, spare parts services, the largest share. Domestic satisla, except when we conducted intensive export activities as a result, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, Turkic Republics, many foreign countries, such as approximately 100 plant have been exported.The Dragon , on the subject of production may solve the problem of the expert,
To the technical staff, knowledge. This cadre of contemporary technological innovation, in accordance with study, design, production, and business alam stages is ready to assist you.“Dragon” in the name of business life, from the entrance, up to the present time, the innovations of the surdurmekde.

Our vision
Our products and services we provide with the quality of the crushing and screening plant in Turkey and the World in the field of the first brand. Our mission
a 35-year tradition of “quality product, quality and service”, with the understanding that our customers in order to increase the value of their investment is always more work, and turkey, which are fundamental in the development of the construction sector is an indispensable supplier continues to be.строим каркасный дом дешевотехнический дайвингNettoyage et hygiene