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Thanks to their ease of operation mobile screening system made by a single person quite comfortable washing screening system, this machine can do the work of Screening washing system can do more with it alone. Experts working machine according to the kind of contamination of products to be eliminated. According to the pollution, there is one or two stages. Especially found in the natural sand obtained by screening and washing unit in stream beds of clay, mud is produced to be free of impurities such as stone and cleaning. One of the biggest advantages of the mobile screening system is collected in a single machine the whole system. So the truck can be moved with a single feature is available. System capacity is between 130 and 220 satiated. The inside of the chamber because the grid does not fall into the great big bodies.
At the same time this can be increased as additional reservoir. This feature can be increased quite provide comfort to the user and saves time by reducing the work force. With foldable conveyor system has been established to pharmaceutically intervention sieve. Screen has a large capacity system has a high vibration feature. Wash material made of folding material conveyor. There are six areas sieve 3pcs stock. In total, are also 4 products. 2 axle provides an ideal measure of the shipment to be portable. Delivery system will increase labor shortage in a long time, it is likely a problem with the product and be able to live. There are mobile chassis system. Interconnecting cables are available in the system and generator Perkins, Doosan is the motor. Approximately the total weight is 29,000 kg. Thus, because weight is a great advantage in the production of a single staff.
Remote control system can have on the system. In addition to the ability to take advantage of business in as little as 15 minutes Easy dispatch, there are now mounting system. Again, the situation can be made in the same way can be shipped from the board in 15 minutes. In order to be able to save time in installation and construction machinery has become the largest luxury shipped issue is a condition to be complimented by the manufacturer. Therefore, it can not ignore the advantages of screening washing machine.google adwords что этоюристыpage speed optimization


Mobıle Screens, And Vıbratıng Screen Mobıle Screenıng Plants

Today technology comes to the limited time the development of the situation. In addition, individuals are constantly happening in competition with each other and over time within the increasingly competitive growth. That is why all evolving technologies to the mobile and they are taking steps to make investments.
Mobile screens, mobile screening plants, vibrating screens can be made that can be moved as a mobile format. As for stationery hopper and feeder, main band, vibrating screen, belt stock, boards, connection cables available. So there are advantages of fixed installations, but more often than not missing from a fixed installation. The most important is due to be moved to save time and cost. Through a truck it can be moved to the desired location. Major issues can benefit from some places and are as follows: mining, highways, hydroelectric projects such as these, the closest place to provide the materials needed in concrete plants, destruction and transformation of materials are used in the art to which the obligation to take out and cast from the excavation area.
The user with useful structures and low costs are taken first gain back good returns.дом из панелейcar cover large estate350z car cover review


Screening Bucket DRX S 1600 Bucket Screener

The DRAGON Screener’s compact and stable structure ensures a reliable screening capacity with low running costs. This machine enables materials to be classified and separated more precisely. The exchangeable grids allow for sieving and screening in different, variable sizes. The grids can be used for pre-filtering (prior to crushing) and for final classification purposes. These products are used for working with natural rock, for recycling and in agriculture. We take pride in ensuring that all our materials and components are top quality. With its ergonomic shape and innovative design, the Drx Screener’s modern look typifies the whole Drx product range.

Perfect for the selection of natural materials, both before and after the crushing phase, the DRAGON S screening buckets reduce crushing times by up to 65%, consequently allowing you to salvage materials suited to the type of job being carried out and to manage them in the best way possible.

Drx , The only screening bucket , that can have a hydraulic intermittant system , thereby making it possible to also consider wet materials and increase production by 35% compared to the old solutions.

Primary selection of scrap material, demolition material, filling material for excavations, and material resulting from the reclamation of rocky soil
Selection of pebbles in waterways
Cleaning of beaches
A crucial piece of equipment in all situations were smaller pieces need to be obtained

Ideal for use before or after crushing, the screening bucket will reduce crushing time up to 60%. The DRAGON S Drx Screening Bucket also allows the screening of natural material (quarry residues, dry soil, and river stone) of any kind, making it convenient for on-site processing.

A must in reducing volumes and optimizing the size of materials for specific uses



Excavator weight t ≥ 8 ≥ 13 ≥ 22 ≥ 35
Screen drum diameter mm 800 1200 1600 2000
Screen drum depth mm 550 800 1200 1200
Oil pressure bar 130 170 170 170
Oil flow l/min 20 75 75 120
Load volume m³ 0.25 0.80 1.90 3.40
Total capacity m³ 0.51 1.57 3.70 5.95
Dimensions / Weight
Length mm 1790 2390 3140 3740
Width mm 935 1355 1850 2210
Height mm 1190 1600 2130 2230
Weight kg 640 1220 2320 4600

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Bucket Crusher DRX 1200 Excavator Crusher Bucket

The Drx Crusher’s extremely high throughput function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-value cubical and consistant end product. Thanks to its solid and robust build, our crusher is able to process natural rock as well as recycling materials. We take pride in ensuring that all our materials and components are top quality. With its ergonomic shape and innovative design, the Drx Crusher’s modern look typifies the whole Drx product range.
Perfect for on-site crushing of inert materials and the first one of its kind to be introduced on the market, the Drx Crusher Bucket is a piece of equipment that works by taking advantage of the hydraulic system of the excavators to which it is fitted.

It has many areas of applications: from building demolitions in general, to the requalification of former industrial and urban areas to the processing of excavation materials, from the earth movement sector to road works, from quarries to mines, from environmental reclamation to applications on rocky soil.

DRX 1200 Excavator Crusher Bucket WHY ?

It crushes all types of demolition materials
It crushes materials directly on site
It reduces the use of mechanical pieces of equipment
It solves the problem of having to dispose of demolition materials by taking them to a dump
It eliminates all leasing costs
It cuts down on transportation and management costs
It is comfortable, simple to use and fast
Suited for small and large worksites
It allows materials to be recycled, resulting in significant savings


A large bucket to ensure great results.
The DRX 1200 is suitable for excavators weighing more than 35 tons, and was created to meet the specific needs of crushing in quarries and landfills for aggregate recycling, in large job sites to reduce the volume of materials resulting from demolition work.
With a productivity of more than 60 m3 per hour, a capacity of about 1.60 m3, and a total weight of 6.8 tons, the DRX 1200 crusher bucket is an effective machine that has established itself as the premier crusher in the crushing field in just a few years.






Model DRX 600 DRX 800 DRX 950 DRX 1100 DRX 1200 DRX 1500
Excavator Weight (t) 8~15 15~25      20-30 25~35 35~60 50~80
Bucket Capacity (m3) 0.60 0.68       0,83 0.93 1.6 2,3
Oil Pressure (Mpa) 24.5 24.5  24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5
Oil Flow (l/min) 90 150       200 230 260 260
Feeding Size (mm) 600×500 800×500   930x 550 1050×600 1200×600 1450×800
Adjustment Size (mm) 15~120 15~120  15~120 15~120 15~150 25~200
Overall Weight (kg) 1800 3200  3800 4500 6800 10000
24 Magnet (Option) 300×300 500×400    500×500 600×500 700×500 1000×500


Right to alter technical information without notice reserved

** Always consult and obey your machine’s lifting capability guidelines to insure safe operation of the crusher.

*** Depending on inserted toggle plate

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Mobile Conveyor Belt 2

Mobile Conveyor Belt 800 x 15000 mm

Mobile Conveyor Belt  800×15000 mm


The Dragon Series of conveyors has been developed to Maximise production capacities and minimise operating costs. They are designed to work in conjunction with the entire range of Dragon machinery to optimise stock pile capacities and reduce on-site material handling costs.


The versatility of the Dragon Conveyor Series means they can be used within almost any mobile or static crushing or screening application, e.g, sand & gravel, concrete, recycled materials, coal, top soil, to name a few.


The ability of the Dragon Conveyor Belt to radial further reduces on site material handling costs and improves stock piling capacity. The heavy duty construction and high quality parts used throughout the Dragon range are continued in the Conveyor Series of conveyors to ensure you have the maximum output with the minimum fuss.


The hydraulic folding head section in the Conveyor Series allows for fast efficient road transportation and the machine has a typical set-up time off less than 10 minutes. ( Optional )


Type SB-800
Dimension 800 x 15000 mm
System Profile and twisted steel material
Power 7,5 kW  1500 rpm
Power transmission Power transmission by V belt and pulleys
Reductor TMC
Belt connection Endless type hot press connection


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