turbo 950


Thanks to their ease of operation mobile screening system made by a single person quite comfortable washing screening system, this machine can do the work of Screening washing system can do more with it alone. Experts working machine according to the kind of contamination of products to be eliminated. According to the pollution, there is one or two stages. Especially found in the natural sand obtained by screening and washing unit in stream beds of clay, mud is produced to be free of impurities such as stone and cleaning. One of the biggest advantages of the mobile screening system is collected in a single machine the whole system. So the truck can be moved with a single feature is available. System capacity is between 130 and 220 satiated. The inside of the chamber because the grid does not fall into the great big bodies.
At the same time this can be increased as additional reservoir. This feature can be increased quite provide comfort to the user and saves time by reducing the work force. With foldable conveyor system has been established to pharmaceutically intervention sieve. Screen has a large capacity system has a high vibration feature. Wash material made of folding material conveyor. There are six areas sieve 3pcs stock. In total, are also 4 products. 2 axle provides an ideal measure of the shipment to be portable. Delivery system will increase labor shortage in a long time, it is likely a problem with the product and be able to live. There are mobile chassis system. Interconnecting cables are available in the system and generator Perkins, Doosan is the motor. Approximately the total weight is 29,000 kg. Thus, because weight is a great advantage in the production of a single staff.
Remote control system can have on the system. In addition to the ability to take advantage of business in as little as 15 minutes Easy dispatch, there are now mounting system. Again, the situation can be made in the same way can be shipped from the board in 15 minutes. In order to be able to save time in installation and construction machinery has become the largest luxury shipped issue is a condition to be complimented by the manufacturer. Therefore, it can not ignore the advantages of screening washing machine.google adwords что этоюристыpage speed optimization